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Key Project Features

Logo Design


Web Design



Prenderville Building

One Page Design Responsive Website


Full Company Startup

Gavin Prenderville is a talented and experienced builder and had been working for various companies when he decided he wanted to start up his own business.

He had all the tools and skills required, but did not have any clients of his own. GreyFoxWebDesign launched his company with a full branding and web design service in under 2 weeks.

Since his new site and online marketing campaign started 2 years ago, he has not been out of work and is currently booked solid for the next 6 months.

Building Company Van Design
Building Company Flier Design

Prenderville Building & Maintenance

GreyFoxWebDesign provided everything and more than I could ask for when it came to the design and set up for my business. I am not confident or comfortable with a lot of the technology and terminology but they were clear, detailed and patient with me and spent the time explaining how things work and how we could make my web page and design material of a really sophisticated and professional standard.

They produced great prototypes and ideas and gave me pros and cons of different solutions and set ups, I would not hesitate to recommend them and I look forward to working with them in the future to ensure my business stays relevant and up to date with the ever moving technology of today.

Building Company Website Design
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