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What do we know about CrossFit website design?

At the time of writing this, we have just got back from our local Box having completed Chelsea. We are as passionate about CrossFit as you are!

We build great-looking, easy-to-use CrossFit affiliate websites that sell the concept to experienced CrossFitters and beginners alike and combine all the features you could possibly want.

Whether you’re looking to set up a website for your new CrossFit Box, or you need a better performing site for an existing Box, here’s why we’re your best choice…

What the perfect CrossFit website looks like

In a highly competitive arena you need to stand out, and your website is the first point of contact between you and a potential new member. Getting the CrossFit website design right is crucial. Your site needs to capture and present the personality of your brand & box. We do not use templates or themes and custom design each site to your exact requirements.

It makes a lot of sense to use shots of real people, the kind of people who actually use your Box. That way you’ll attract them rather than putting them off. We offer photoshoot services that allow us to capture the personality and experience of your individual Box. This gives us great content with which to design your site, as well as a bank of images for all future marketing, promotion and social media requirements.

Creating powerful brands that people love

You need a clear, strong brand for your business. We provide fully integrated branding, where every piece of collateral from your logo, website and tone of voice to T-shirts and email marketing systems look and feel the same. It means your marketing impact is bigger than the sum of the parts, and it makes you instantly recognisable.

CrossFit Affiliate Website Design

What the best CrossFit websites do

CrossFit is the world’s fastest-growing sport. New Boxes are starting up across the country. It’s a rapidly-growing and highly competitive market, which means your website has a critical role to play:

• Explain clearly and succinctly what CrossFit is – something a surprising number of affiliate websites don’t do.
• Enthuse, entertain, inform and inspire – your passion should shine through.
• Attract plenty of the right people from the right geographical area.
• Allow seamless, simple online booking.
• Let people share content on social media and interact with you.
• Provide everything needed for a lively, enthusiastic community of CrossFitters.
• Make it easy for you to add regular, relevant new content to keep people interested and keen.
• Provide an easy to use blog.
• Contain crystal clear, user-friendly class schedules, programme creation, coaches pages, pricing boxes, location, legal and contact details.

You could choose a web designer who doesn’t specialise in CrossFit website design, but you’d be missing a trick. We have a deep understanding of what users need, want and expect.

Integrating third party booking systems

There’s a choice of third party booking systems which make life easier for you and your members and provide a fully-automated booking system. We work with them all and can easily integrate the best one for your business with your website.

Here are just a few we work with:

Zen Planner
WOD together
CF Whiteboard
Front Desk
WOD Hopper
Box Command
Mind Body Healcode

This takes all of the hassle out of your admin work and frees up your time to focus on creating sensational WODs.

CrossFit Booking System

Fully responsive websites accessible via any device

It’s a must. Which is why every CrossFit website design we complete is fully responsive, accessible via any kind of device. This allows your clients to book WODs easily and quickly on the go.

The latest standards in web design plus a simple CMS

We’ll build your website on a rock-solid, proven, popular and flexible Content Management System. It’s so beautifully simple you’ll be able to drive it yourself. Which means you’re empowered to take care of the site’s day-to-day running, saving money in the long-run. We provide tailored walkthrough videos that show step-by-step how to manage your website.

Of course, if you need support, we’ll be there for you. We won’t just design a site then leave you to it!

Harnessing the power of the blog

Every CrossFit affiliate site we design and build comes with an optional blog built in. You can post news and publicise the daily WOD, publish new workouts for users, post personal bests, new lifts, fitness news, trending topics and more, giving you extra community-building power.

The more deeply people get involved with your website, the more often they use it, refer to it and share content from it, the better they’ll enjoy the entire CrossFit experience and the longer they’ll stick around.

The same goes for search engines. They like blogs which provide a stream of fresh, new content to index, analyse, rate and rank, helping Google and co deliver the perfect user experience. Which brings us on to search engine optimisation…

Crossfit Website Design Screens

SEO excellence comes as standard

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) sits at the heart of every successful website. We know exactly how to create a website that search engines appreciate, from the bottom up, giving them every scrap of information they need to do a brilliant job. Which means your site stands a great chance of being found locally at the top of Google, when people search for CrossFit in your area.

If your competitors are not putting SEO first in the very early stages of the website planning process, your site will win, which means you get more website visitors and more clients.

Creating lively, loyal communities

A vibrant community beats at the heart of every CrossFit Box. Everyone is training together towards a common goal – to be fabulously fit, ready for anything. The sites we design fit the model perfectly, with a real community feel and social media channels ready to go.

With our help your audience can engage, collaborate, communicate, share your content, log personal progress and book online, via any device.

Simple online forms and clear pricing information

The simpler your online forms, the more likely people are to fill them in. You want people to be able to book meetings, intro classes and WODs instantly and easily. We’ll keep them logical, short and sweet.

We take great care over the way we display CrossFit pricing, too. The cost can often put potential members off, this is because they don’t understand what they are getting for their money. It’s vital to sell your services on the benefits, which is exactly what we do, using best digital marketing practice to create inspiring messages with a big, positive, personal impact.

Get your CrossFit Box in great digital shape

If you’re still reading this, the next step is to get in contact with us. You can either fill in our online quote form, or give us a call on 0203 8160 200 to discuss your requirements.

As each job is unique, we do not have a flat pricing structure, and prices can vary from £800 – £4,000. However, there are no ongoing monthly fees, and once the job is complete, you have full ownership of the site.