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Key Project Features

Logo Design


Web Design



OnTop Pest Control

Web design for a new company in a competitive market


Full Company Startup

OnTop Pest Control is the new business of two guys who already had experience in the pest control industry but decided it was time to branch out on their own

They had a limited budget and needed to find an affordable solution to all their creative and marketing needs. GreyFoxWebDesign took care of all their requirements and we arranged a flexible payment plan which meant they could pay in monthly instalments once their new company was up and running and generating income.

We created a bold new logo to help them stand out in a competitive market and continued this theme on their invoices, brochures, promotional flyers and website. We also undertook all their offsite needs and focused on local SEO and a niche keyword marketing strategy.

We are delighted to see that OnTop are now running a successful new startup and are still working with us in order to continue to expand their company.

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Pest Control Graphic Design

OnTop Pest Control

Starting a new company was an incredibly daunting prospect for me, I'm so glad I found GreyFoxWebDesign, they literally took care of everything for me. They even setup things I didn't even think about, such as synced calendars and an invoicing system. On top of this they are really nice guys to work with.

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