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The Facebook Like Button took over 280 hours to design!

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Why you need Responsive Web Design Recently Facebook decided that it wanted to redesign the infamous “Like” button. A seemingly simple task, that in reality took over 280 hours to design. Why? Because Facebook is used by over 1/6th of humanity, and this button had to work in multiple languages, across all browsers and on […]

Google Trends

Sharks, Nazis & SEO

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Understand SEO Trends using cold, hard data When you are investing all your time and energy into your startup business, it is sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. Deciding which direction to take your company in or which products to sell can be a tough call. Making these crucial decisions can be […]

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Ted Talks: Inspiration when Starting a New Business

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Inspiration & Advice for Small Business Owners Courtesy of TED Talks TED Talks are short, powerful talks in front of a live audience by industry experts that cover a shockingly wide variety of topics. In this post, GreyFoxWebDesign have curated their favourite talks aimed to inspire and educate anybody about to embark on a new […]