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Koro Kimono
Key Project Features

Logo Design

Business Cards

E-commerce Website


Social Media

Email Campaign

Koro Kimono

Fashion E-commerce website design for a brand new clothing line


Full Company Startup

Sophie and Tara started making kimonos as gifts for their friends and family as a side project to their regular jobs. They were received with great enthusiasm and the word started to spread. More and more requests came in and they realised that it was becoming a viable option to launch a company specialising in bespoke kimonos.

They created their first clothing line and employed the help of the talented fashion photographer Baud Postma and Grey Fox Web Design to create a simple yet effective fashion e-commerce website to showcase and sell their products. The site was built on a content management system so they could easily control orders and stock, and with the help of a well thought out social media campaign, they were soon inundated with orders.

They have recently produced and launched their second collection which was introduced to their followers with a custom-designed email campaign.

Fashion E-Commerce Website Design - Logo
Fashion E-Commerce Website Design - Graphic Design
Fashion E-Commerce Website Design - Branding
Fashion E-Commerce Website Design - Email Campaign

Sophie & Tara
Koro Kimono

We are a small but passionate startup company in our first year of trade and GreyFoxWebDesign have been instrumental in launching our brand online. From web design to marketing and promotion (with invaluable advice on SEO!), GFWD really brought our vision to life on the screen.

They were clear, efficient and helpful with fantastic technical support and were always there to field any questions or soothe any worries we had. Our site and countless extras like mailouts and flyers etc were all beautifully and thoughtfully designed, pulling together a more slick and professional look for our online presence.

It was a pleasure to work with them and thanks to them our new business is thriving.

Fashion E-Commerce Website Design
Fashion E-Commerce Website Design
Koro Kimono

Fashion E-commerce website design for a brand new clothing line


Full Company Startup

Sophie & Tara had a great idea combined with an already dedicated fan-base, but they were unsure how they would be able to take their company to the next level. They got in contact with Grey Fox Web Design through a recommendation from a friend and we went to meet them to discuss a fashion e-commerce website design.

We took them through the basics of getting their company online and trading. Firstly we went through company branding, talking about what their company stood for and what they hoped to achieve, and between us we decided on a look that would suit their business.

They had a tight budget to get their store online, so we explained the options and where the best places to save money would be, and where they could not afford to cut back. We explained that with such high competition, and with e-commerce being a strong visual market, that the key was to produce a stunning photoshoot.

Pulling in favours from friends and family, we managed to create a shoot to that included models, hair, styling, make-up, location, props and a fantastic photographer.

We then proceeded to build them a fashion e-commerce website built on the sales platform WooCommerce. We kept the site very simple, allowing the visitors to focus on viewing and purchasing their products.

They were managing the day to day running of the site and the whole checkout system was made to be incredibly simple and easy to use. They could control features on the site such as stock levels, product sales and discount codes and every time they received an order, they could manage and fulfil it all from their mobile phones!

Now they had everything in place to start selling, all they needed were customers. We created and designed a beautiful email campaign to help launch their brand to their existing customers, and with the help of social media, word quickly spread.

We created a strong social media campaign to help get them off the ground and made the most of the photoshoot by posting on Instagram, gaining a lot of followers and generating sales.

Finally, we built a blog into their site a produced walkthrough videos to show them how to create great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content to drive more traffic to the site and provide more opportunities to promote across social media.

Since launching, their business has gone from strength to strength. They have now produced their second collection and have had a concession stand at TopShop.

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